The Perfect Ring

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There’s a reason I’ve been quiet on the jewelry front lately and I can’t even blame the baby for it. 😉 So let’s backpedal to before the baby was born…

Urban Maille put out a call for chainmaille artists to showcase on their website. Okay cool, I was a shoo in. That’s why I started seriously updating my Etsy shop around the end of August, I think. After I had the baby, coincidentally, Aislyn revealed to us “The Perfect Ring”.

I was skeptical at first. A ring? This was the grand plan that will hopefully make us all “fat and sassy” at the end of the holiday shopping season? Alright, I’ll order supplies and try it out. It’s worth a shot if someone believes so strongly in it, that they’re launching a huge marketing program once we crazy select artists have our rings made and action shots taken for promotional materials… exclusive business cards, postcards, etc.

I don’t remember if I made myself a ring first or Jesse… I may still have been high off of 600mg of ibuprofen (I very rarely took my serious pain meds). But once I slipped that continuous mesh of woven rings around my wedding ring finger, I was a believer /insert dramatic profound hero epiphany music (like when Harry gets his wand).  I’ve never been a ring person. I’ve tried to be but it just never happened. Tell that to the drawer full of sad rings who rarely see the light of day. I wear my wedding rings because I got used to them on my finger and I have to show off my hard earned diamonds. But this… this was “my precious”… Undoubtedly the “one ring to rule them all.”

Let’s talk about how it fits first. It fits like a dream. Like the dress Marilyn Monroe wore to the President’s birthday party. It hugs the curve of your finger and settles there. Forever. Fingers are not perfectly straight to begin with. Normal rings are sized to be able to fit over the knuckle and can sometimes not properly fit on the finger past the knuckle. And let’s face it, it takes time for it to conform to your finger. But this ring… this ring slides over the knuckle and then happily hugs every curve in your finger and you forget about it. It’s an instant love connection.  My husband, the skeptic, humored me by wearing the one I made him.  He lost his wedding band a few months after the wedding, which was fine because I just wanted him to have one for the pictures.  And they were very pretty pictures indeed. 😉  He’d crack jokes about how I’d make them faster than he could lose them, but when I took it from him to oxidize, he kept asking, “Can I have my ring back?”  Mission accomplished. 😉

Now let’s talk about durability.  Jesse’s been wearing his non-stop and it’s been holding up to whatever it is Southern California Edison engineers do.  I ended up making myself one in sterling silver with rose gold accents to wear as my wedding ring when I don’t feel like wearing my diamonds.  I very rarely take it off, so it has to endure all the activities of “Mom” and “Housewife”.  It’s held up extremely well and the silver hasn’t even tarnished much.  We shower with it, sleep with it, etc.  Like I said, it fits like a dream.

I made my sister one in solid rose gold filled.  She adores it and wears it almost as much as I do, but I think she takes it off.  Yes, this is the sister who likes her high end jewelry designers… most notably Tiffany’s and Cartier.  So it’s a high honor that she’s wearing my ring.  She’s always wanted to be a hand model, so TADA!

This is a great shot of my sister zipping me into my wedding dress… it perfectly catches her jewelry from the aforementioned designers above.  Now do you understand the fact that she’s wearing this ring is the highest honor this baby sister can achieve?  Oh and I made her a cute little dude to cuddle with too. 😉

I’m very proud of this ring… so much that my bellydance pen pal told me to blow up the picture of our hands and frame it.  So I did and it was only appropriate to hang it directly under the Rorabaugh sign.  After trying to figure out if we’re staying here or buy a house or something, this was the magic touch that really made the apartment feel like home.

~~~Purchase your Perfect Ring here.~~~


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