A Quick Hello

Hui.1 finally decided to give me a break last night and sleep for a solid 6 hours.  ’tis a miracle I tell you.  He’s down for a nap right now and I have my phone playing the “He-Man’s kicking butt” chorus playing.  He seems to sleep better with that than VNV Nation.  Yeah, he is so my kid.  He heard that song a lot in utero, so it doesn’t surprise me.  He also heard it a lot during the first month because I was watching a lot of He-Man during those long, drawn out nights.  I so don’t miss that.

Been busy making rings and finishing up an order that consists of a ring and 2 pairs of earrings.  After nearly finishing the last pair of earrings, I decided I’m going to start a new collection called the “Chinese Knot” collection.  It’ll start with earrings since I have the perfect design already.  As I have time, I’ll continue adding things like pendants and bracelets, but I want to focus on earrings.  Earrings have never been my strong suit and I want to make an effort to try to make it a strong suit.  It’s really more about matchy matchy not being my strong suit, as well as twice the labor it takes to make earrings as opposed to a necklace or bracelet.  I need to clear my mind and just do it.  So this’ll be an exciting collection as I daydream up new and improved designs.

The apartment is nothing short of a disaster area right now.  Hui.1 hasn’t been sleeping as well as he used to so everything is in chaos.  Jesse was kind enough to relieve me of duty last night so I could take a nap before dinner.  Whew, that was nice.  We’re heading up to Fresno for his friend’s wedding, so that’ll be fun.  We’re staying at the Holiday Inn that used to be Pea Soup Anderson’s.  The restaurant is still there and I hope we make it there for dinner Saturday night.  Yum yum!  And it brings back memories of driving up and down the 5 when my sister lived in Berkeley.


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