Productive Day

I was very productive today.  I got some day job stuff done, made myself some chicken ginger porridge (thanks for the chicken, Mom!), finished some earrings, tumbled 2 pairs of earrings and a Perfect Ring, and mailed it out!  Whew!  All the while taking care of this adorable little Hui.1.  Yeah, he’s a real ham… his great grandmother says he looks like Jesse with thoughts too big for his little baby body. 😉

Sometimes I wonder where I’m going and what I’m doing with my jewelry designs.  I was wondering about that tonight and after what I hope to be the last feeding for the evening, I’m fine doing what I’m doing.  Mostly focusing on Chainmaille with a Hui Twist and Perfect Rings.  I love my chainmaille and will continue to have bracelets in each weave on hand, and maybe some in different gauges, but the main draw will be the other stuff.  I’m simply acknowledging my roots and putting my own spin on things.

One thing I finally understood early this morning is that to truly be creative, one must have solitude.  Hui.1 woke up at 3am, went back to bed at 4am, and I couldn’t sleep because that was a decent 5 hours of sleep.  So I got up to tidy a bit and work on those earrings because I really wanted to get them mailed out today.  I was also browsing through Zen Habits’ archives and found this post about creativity.  I also found this post about white space and why cleaning is good for the soul.  My stage was set… I was satisfied with my cleaning spree, it was quiet, the baby was asleep, so I was free to take some time for myself.  Hitting that sweet spot is hard, but once you get it, the clarity is amazing and always worth the wait.  I still need to clean up around the workbench, but it’s a work in progress.  It just depends how the day/week goes and if I have time for a nap and if baby agrees with my plan because for now, it’s all about him.  But being a mother is not my shining glory.  It’s just another facet that makes up the Royal Hui Pants. 😉

Engineer, Artist, Bellydancer, Daughter, Wife, Mother.


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