Fully Functional

Hui.1 slept from 11pm to 5:45am!

Being a mother is immensely rewarding, if not utterly exhausting. But I have a strong support system between Jesse and my immediate family. Mom came over earlier this week with fresh chicken legs for me to make chicken porridge. She played with baby while I prepped the porridge on the stove and switched our cars (we borrowed Dad’s car for the Fresno trip). Friday, I had a doctor’s appointment so I dropped Hui.1 at the house and gobbled down a few quick bites of my favorite chicken sticky rice before heading out. It’s nice that Kaiser is so close to both Mom and Dad’s and my apartment. I had enough time to get gas after my appointment before getting the call of “he’s awake and hungry” from Mom. When I got home, my sister was holding him while my dad was showing him the stuffed singing Barney. Then Dad exclaimed, “your mama’s here!” Oh yes, lots and lots of love, which makes the Mom job so much more bearable.

So yeah, I’m awake and feeling fully functional. Baby is asleep after a good breakfast and snoring along with the hubby. It’s actually quite cute. I’m mentally prepping for the little boutique I was invited to vend at. It’s the local private school system’s winter carnival. I donated an earring and necklace set in the spring for their silent auction, I believe. Now I’m trying to envision what kind of person a private school mother would be like. What does she do for a living? What is her personality like? All those questions that lead back to what kind of jewelry does she wear? Coincidentally, I had just ordered some ring displays for my Perfect Ring before I got the Facebook message on my Page (yay for scrap metal credit!). It was the same woman who inquired about donating an item for the silent auction in the spring and we started exchanging emails. I’m not sure if I support the notion of private school, but I do want to do more for the local community. This will also be my chance to work on price tags. I need to put all those wonderful Martha Stewart office supplies to good use, you know. 😉

Off to the workbench… But I should make some tea first.


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