On Introversion

I am an introvert. My mother coined the term “hatching” for my oldest sister who was always upstairs reading romance novels as a teenager or simply not being around with the family. I would hatch when I wasn’t hiding from a long day of work because there’s a distinct difference between hiding and hatching. I strongly recall celebrating my hatching time in 2011 because I was so busy with wedding plans and whatnot. But let’s go over the difference between hiding and hatching…

Hiding: the need to recharge after a long day of work or overstimulation from socialization.
Example: Watching He-Man to simply get lost in childhood nostalgia after a long, grueling day at the office.

Hatching: free time to get lost in thought. The freedom to sit around and enjoy my solitude.
Example: lounging around in silence, eventually working on jewelry designs, most likely *new* jewelry designs.

The right mindset needs to happen before I can design any new jewelry. The last time this occurred was the weekend before the baby was born. Jesse.1 was here for Labor Day weekend and we had nowhere to go on Sunday. So I let her play World of Warcraft on my computer while I sat around and made jewelry with my “Bach on a Steinway” album playing in the background. That was an awesome day… I made a pretty necklace out of nowhere. It truly embodies the notion of “spontaneous design” because I sat at my workbench with no set idea of what to do. I simply sat there because I wanted to, I had the time, and I wanted to see if anything would come to fruition.

Hui.1 is starting to sleep longer 5-7 hours a night, so I’m slowly starting to feel the shift between hiding and hatching. I’m hatching now because we both got about 7 hours of sleep and he’s down for his next round of sleep. I’m parked on the futon, previously reading a book about introversion, and now writing this post. 🙂 I recall putting him down for a short nap then telling Jesse I was going to go hide in the front room. Hiding is more of recharging my mind and body whereas hatching is recharging my soul. I was exhausted so I was sitting on the futon, wondering what to do with myself. Such a stark difference…


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