A Pizza Kind of Day

Hui.1 does not like Mondays.  It seems that most Mondays he just wants nothing more than to cuddle with me or threaten not to nap for most of the day.  -_-

The morning started off fairly well.  We ate an early breakfast during our first wake up call around 4am and didn’t go back to bed until about 5:30.  He woke up some time after 8 and proceeded to not nap until before 1.  At first, I fed him then let him kick around and flail on his gym mat thingy that he adores while I made some tea and settled onto my workbench.  Then I had this fantastic idea to start rearranging the furniture… 😯

Jesse and I decided to basically block off the front room from the hallway to the opposite wall so Hui.1 could have free reign over that area to crawl and explore.  That way, we still had access to the front door without worrying about him running out like a cat or dog, we could eat in some kind of peace at the table, and the kitchen would be off limits entirely.  We’re still going to baby proof the kitchen, but this is the first phase of it.  I moved my jewelry supply dresser over to the wall with the crib, then put my printer on top of it.  It so doesn’t look right over there.  I liked that wall empty and white.  Now it’s all ruined and I don’t know how to fix it.

So then I started working on the wall the dresser used to be.  I moved the floor lamp over to that side because it was silly for it to be on the other side of the room, but we never thought about it before last night.  That worked out nicely.  Then I started moving the futon closer to the lamp because I wanted it to line up with the crib, so the baby gate could go in a straight line from wall to wall.  Guess what?  The futon is a few inches shy and the engineer in me had a cow because I wanted a straight line, dagnabit!  And I noticed an unsightly gap of space between the shoe rack and the futon.  Fail.

Baby started napping better after the pizza had time to settle into my milk.  He gets mad with a vengeance when I don’t eat enough food rich in nutrients… i.e. doesn’t sleep.  Now I need to eat something just as fulfilling for dinner.  I’ll start with an apple and work my way up.

I have no idea what to do with the front room.  Guess I’ll go stare at it now that I’ve had a nap.  Or leave it for tomorrow and go make some Perfect Rings.


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