Uncluttered Perfection

My first wedding anniversary is coming up in December. We decided we’ll go back to Pico Rivera for dinner at the 50’s lounge restaurant Jesse thought was a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place until I noticed the Zagat sign inside. Oops. That was the beginning of our infamous adventures of eating out. 😉

As the weather starts to get colder, I feel nostalgic because it reminds of me when I first moved into the apartment. It’s been a huge year of change, but the journey has been so worthwhile. I’ve been able to make this cozy apartment feel like home, which to a Cancer, is the most important feeling ever. And my jewelry adventures have reflected all of the love and tranquility this marriage has provided me.

There’s something soothing and calming about clear, empty floor space. Uncluttered perfection. Jesse really likes the way I rearranged the furniture the other day. Somehow there’s less clutter and more white space. I still have a few areas with stuff to tackle, but it’s slowly coming together quite nicely. I’m really happy to say that 95% of my jewelry supplies have permanent homes with 85% efficiency. Only 85% because I still need to shuffle bead boxes around because they’re doubled together in the linen cabinet. But the chainmaille supplies are on Cloud 9 and that’s all I’ve ever really wanted. Yay!

Although my clothes pile needs to be dealt with, I’ve done a fairly good job squeezing into a shared space of 714 square feet. Eventually Hui.1 will sleep in his crib in the front room and we’ll have some extra breathing room without the bassinet taking up what little open space we have in the bedroom. The kitchen cabinets still have quite a bit of storage space, the counters are kept nice and clean the way Jesse likes it, and I’ve been doing a better job keeping the “breakfast bar” counter clear, save for my Brita pitcher and water glass. The eating table has a pile of mail that needs to be dealt with but is otherwise presentable when we have company.

It was strange not having a TV or more furniture, but our lifestyle deems any extra, non-essential furniture unnecessary. A coffee table would be silly without a TV to lounge and park in front of. Someday I’ll get my dream of having a bedside table with a reading lamp and a rocking chair with accent table so I can comfortably cuddle with my baby and sip at my steaming mug of tea. And daydream and make jewelry in that chair when baby is too old to nurse. I can also curl up with a good book and my Snoopy quilt too. Someday when we have more space and maybe another baby. 😉

Maybe the way we choose to decorate and buy furniture is a reflection of our relationship with each other. Bare functional necessities with a few niceties to keep it warm and loving. My mom commented the other day that I’m surrounded by so much love and support while Hui.1 has double the love I have. With everyone doting on him so much, I believe it. And I have the best husband ever. With that much love, all of the other stuff falls to the wayside. There will always be clutter and emotional baggage, but that’s why we have vacuum cleaners and long stretches of curling up in each other’s arms in perfect silence.


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