Trekking Along

I just realized I have two tumblers… I just need another barrel and I can be running both at the same time. /ding ding ding

I have a holiday boutique next Friday. It’ll be exciting because I haven’t done this in forever and I have price tags for everything except the earrings. Still trying to figure out a good system but I feel pretty confident. My stock this time around feels a lot more… Streamlined? More collection-ish vs my usual chaotic mishmash. I have my Rock on a Rope collection, the Chainmaille Straight Up, and the Chainmaille with a Hui Twist. Some of them need more specific names but I’ll get to that later. Some designs have become standard, which means its easier to quickly whip out, assuming I have all the right beads. I’m really happy with how everything is turning out. All this hard work is starting to pay off. 😀

Jesse.1 spent Thanksgiving with us and apparently she had a cold and gave it to all of us. Poor Hui.1. But he’s a strong baby and the germs are starting to go away. Jesse and I still have a lingering cough but overall, 95% back to normal. With that being said, I need to schedule more downtime while Jesse.1 visits for Christmas/New Years. That was the real culprit, even though I always get sick during this time of year anyway. Running myself ragged 4 days straight and not enough quiet contemplation time. I’m going to send them to Disneyland without me. That’ll be good bonding time for them, and it will give me a chance to rest from the obligated Christmas socializing that will be done. After this show, I can focus on my winter cleaning and making sure I have all the stringing supplies I need to entertain Jesse.1. I feel bad every time she asks to make something, but I don’t have the necessary tools because I don’t string my beads anymore. Besides, I have a giant bag of bead stuff that needs to be sorted through anyway. Maybe I’ll find my dainty little chain that’s good for dangling. 😉

All and all, I feel like I’m starting to get a good balance between being a mom, entrepreneur, and just plain ol’ me. Telecommuting still has its downsides, but I go in at least once a week to give Mom and Dad their baby fix and to just spend time there instead of staring blankly at the walls of my apartment. When the office slows down for the holidays, I want to spend some time sorting through my stuff and get rid of whatever I can. It’s time to reclaim the space the stuff takes over.

And I’ll leave you with a cute picture. I’ve been better about bringing my camera out and about with me… 😉


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