Nesting Dreams

I’m longing for a proper sized desk. Not a bachelor’s table to fit him and his lady for dinner in his studio apartment. A nice desk for me to spread out my tools and photography station. A home for the iPad and my tea cup. Speaking of tea cup, I want a big Starbucks mug for lots of tea. Easy accessible drawers to stash my findings so I don’t have to get up and go find them in the cupboard. That’s fine for rocks and beads but not for findings. I’ll keep my wire in there too. Yes, I am expecting to have drawers on each side. Now that I think about it, I really want one that has a hutch so I can maximize my working surface area.

I keep my most treasured photos here and it would be nice to place them up higher. Close but not in the way. A wedding photo that’s probably the best one of us because we’re being our eclectic selves and you can see the spark that makes us disgustingly cute together. My best friend’s daughter when she was in that mischievous age of “Auntie Hui is going to steal my chocolate!”, my other best friend at our college graduation under the College of Engineering sign, a photo of my cousin’s wife with me as the flower girl when I was 6 (showing off my freshly painted pink nails), and a Snoopy and Charlie Brown frame of me as a teenager with my faithful German Shepherd. Maybe I’ll find a hutch with glass doors where I can put my He-Man DVD collection with the spine mural on display. I told Jesse I want the 30th Anniversary collector’s set because it has new interviews and a CD soundtrack. And more DVDs so I don’t have to worry about the first set getting old. It’s nice that most of the series as well as She-Ra is on Netflix. 😉

I’m also looking forward to the day my little jewelry box can sit on my bathroom counter again, because the baby changing pad will be in the other bathroom and not mine. Or to have a large dresser with a mirror hanging over it so I can use it as a vanity. I need to figure out how to unlock my good jewelry box because I lost the key. Grrr. I’ll get Jesse to figure that out eventually, but I do have some statement pieces already out that I’ll make do with. I really enjoy being able to mix the jewelry I make with the nicer jewelry I’ve collected over the years. 🙂

Finding the perfect house is hard, but I believe our dream home is out there somewhere. With the economy as it is, we’re looking for a house we can settle in with our budding family as well as when all the little hatchlings fly off into the world on their own. I have to learn that it will only be quiet when the kids are asleep or old enough to sit and read quietly in a corner. So I may as well have my studio area out in the open instead of behind locked doors. I’ll just have to teach them to respect my space and designate beading supplies exclusively for them. I need to do that before Jesse.1 arrives for her Christmas visit. I have a week and a half to get that ready. So far I have string on the way and I just need to find my crimp beads and lobster clasps. I felt bad when she asked to make a necklace but I hadn’t had time to set everything up, let alone dig for stuff. So I need to make sure to do that this week. I should also get her a beading board to lay her projects out so she can see it more visually. I never needed one but it would be good to have.

I’m trying to be a good mom. But nothing we want to be great at is ever easy.


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