Quiet Time

My boys are both asleep. For how long, who knows. I am sitting at my workbench, listening to one of my favorite composers (he did the score for Hercules, Xena, Young Hercules, Legend of the Seeker, and the 2002 remake of He-Man). Not much creativity flowing so I’m tidying up and letting my mind wander. I need a trash can nearby. I can’t wait to get a new desk so my wire and scrap bags are within reach. And when I can curl up into my evil overlord chair instead of this obnoxious barstool height chair. Soon but not soon enough.

It’s Christmas Day. We’re going to Mom and Dad’s later. It’s strange to have free time in general, but we’re also in that transition mode of creating new Christmas traditions. Before it would be waking up, getting breakfast, then opening presents. But Hui.1 decided to have a cow last night and screamed until 2am. He’s been fussier for some reason lately. I suppose he can’t tell the difference if he’s hungry or tired and it’s usually both. Being a mom was never meant to be easy.

I have so many ideas and projects that I could work on, it’s hard to figure out what to do first. I have rings to make and earrings to make… Yeah, so many things but where to start? Blah. I’m starting with cleaning and then maybe the juices will start flowing. I need to start beefing up my earring collection and taking photos.

Hmm… I suppose I can go make some simple earrings… Wish me luck. And Merry Christmas.


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