A Lai Christmas

We had a nice time at Mom and Dad’s.  They picked up some takeout from the BBQ side of Sam Woo’s… roasted duck, BBQ pork, Dad’s favorite steamed chicken with ginger dipping sauce, and some really yummy green beans.  Jesse and I chowed down on the duck, pork, and green beans for a late lunch since we woke up and had breakfast so late in the morning.  I got some work done (nothing strange, Dad and I always do some work over the holidays) and eventually my sister and her hubby arrived.  Hui.1 went down for a nap just as they got there, which was nice so we could be hands free to eat the chocolates that were littered all over the house and lounge around.  We got Mom tickets to some show about China’s history and Dad has to go with her. /snicker  Mom and Dad got my sister and I each a Dyson hand held vacuum.  Perfect timing since that morning Jesse didn’t want to put together the wand attachment on the vacuum to suck up ants.  So it’s the official ant sucker and car vacuum.  Later it will also be the crumb sucker, hehehe.

Apparently the story behind the 2nd vacuum is Dad decided to brave Target on Christmas Eve, but the special ($40 gift card with purchase) was over, so he went to Sears instead.  He picked up the last one they had and got the saleslady to price match it.  He also happened to pick up a pinball machine for Jesse.1 that was on sale.  He was really cute about it, saying he got it for $17 and the regular price was $40.  Speaking of which, we need to open and play with it.  Hehehe.

All and all, it was a nice Christmas.  Very low key, which is exactly the way I like it.  I do miss going to Sam Woo’s for a Christmas fish, but staying home is always better. 😉

Check out the Traffic Engineering family appropriate pj’s!  Complete with merge sign and traffic cone!  Hehehehe. /proud nerd moment


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