A Rorabaugh Christmas

This is Jesse’s favorite grandma.  I call her his favorite grandma because he lights up when he’s with her and he spent a lot of time helping her as a kid.  She’s pretty awesome.  I gave her this awesome necklace of iolite and tanzanite stones from my crazy pirate rock lady because I had to make something special and try to keep the beads together.  I think she would approve. 😉

If you’re ever in the Central Valley, specifically Modesto or Patterson, check out Sunblest Orchards for the best dried fruits and snacks ever.  The best is probably her apricot chili pepper sauce (be sure to get the HOT one for a good kick), mix it with some cream cheese, and spread it over some artisan bread for an epic snack.

Vintage Faire Mall Farmers Market, Modesto – Sundays 9 am – 2 pm

Patterson Farmers Market- True Value Shopping Center-Wednesday 4-8 pm

Downtown Plaza Street Faire & Farmers Market, Brenden Theatre, Modesto-Friday 4-8 pm

This is Jesse’s great grandma and grandpa.  It boggles my mind that he still has a great grandma.  Actually, both paternal great grandmas are alive and still kickin’.  But we only visited this one because the other one is dudded “Granny Grump”.  I got Great Grandma’s fudge recipe.  I should try to make it with Jesse.1 and then call her to tell her we made it and how wonderful it is.  That would make an old lady smile.  Someday I’ll figure out logistics to get Jesse.1 to visit these Grandmas.  And get those rough tourmalines to Grandpa to play with… he polishes and cuts rocks, whoo hoo!  Yeah, I’m the only one who appreciates his rock hounding.  He gave me a chunk of rock from the “Motherlode” mine with gold veins the first time I met him back in May, and then he gave me another chunk to give to Hui.1 when he’s older.  Guess he also knows I’m the only one who appreciates his rocks. 😉


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