Kid Adventures

Jesse.1 will be here for a few extra days in February, so I’m trying to think of something fun we can do as part of our adventuring.  So far, we can go to the Getty Center and hang out in Santa Monica, or go to Descanso Gardens and hang out in Pasadena.  Allison apparently recommends this pizza by the slice place in Culver City.  I blame Jesse for planting the seed in my head to go visit the west side of LA.  We’re usually closer to Pasadena and Downtown so this would be a fun trip.  I haven’t been out to Santa Monica for more than a decade so that would be fun too.  Pasadena is my happy place as well as my family’s happy place, but trying to explain/show that to a kid is hard when there’s no bead show going on unless we find a shabu shabu place (she adores shabu shabu).  But even then it’s hard to convey the magic of Pasadena.  Ooooooooooo, we could go to the Scarlet Tea Room for tea.  We’ve never taken her for a proper English tea before.  That’s another fun thing to do and she likes drinking tea.  Hmm… Scarlet isn’t too stuffy of a tea room either.  She probably won’t be here for the next 626 Night Market, but hopefully we can all make it someday.  She would like a chaotic mass of too many Asians in one place.  Hehehehe.

Jesse’s best man said during his toast that Jesse.1 would never be bored between the two of us.  Jesse with his huge brain and eccentric adventures, and me with my love of all things shiny and bellydancing… yeah, our household is definitely far from boring.  It’s just harder to implement when the kid is here and there’s a million and one things to do.  Or maybe that was just the chaos of the holidays poking me down to my last nerve of sanity.  I’ve been better about trying to strike a balance between going out and staying home while she’s here.  Thanksgiving weekend’s constant going out and being on the move killed my immune system, so I made sure to clock in some of both during the Christmas visit.  I’m slowly getting the hang of it though.  The nice thing about that trip was spending the evening hours reading and making jewelry.  I have to pat myself on the back for that one. 😉

Being a mom entails finding creative things to do with kids… not all of them involve staying home and making jewelry for the entire visit. 😛


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