Hello 2013

My baby will be 5 months this week. Oy, I have no idea where the time goes. He’s already rolling from tummy to back. I need to train him to roll over his left shoulder now. Hehehe.

2013 has been pretty chaotically busy. I caught a nasty Australian stomach flu bug which left me out of commission for almost a week. Baby did not like the BRAT diet so we started him on more solid foods because he kept scarfing down boiled bok choy and spinach. Crazy baby. So he’s up to eating baby food now. With the baby food, he’s been sleeping for about 7-8 hours on a good night. I still keep really random hours, making jewelry and cleaning the apartment during in the morning after baby wakes up to eat his first pre-breakfast snack. Or when he’s asleep and I can’t sleep because I’m annoyed I can’t sleep while he’s asleep. Yeah, motherhood is fun. 😛

I realized that I may have to either do drop-ins or skip this session of bellydance entirely. My Sundays for most of February are booked up and I’ve already felt antsy about missing class so I started researching yoga studios. But the I realized I just need a new yoga mat and I can practice here. So while baby was whining about not wanting to sleep, I started clearing out my dance corner in hopes of getting off my lazy bum and back into a exercise routine. 5 minutes of cardio, go through my Sashi sun salutations, then bellydance drills. That’s not asking for too much, but I just have to do it. I need to go back to Zen Habits and get back into my 5 minutes a day thing. 5 minutes to clean, make jewelry, savor my tea, cuddle with my baby, things like that. Then gradually increase it as the habit starts to form.

Jesse cleaned off the eating table and I instinctively gravitated towards it and finally got my Spiral 6-1 pattern going after 4 years of trying it on and off. Nice to know my chainmaille skills are still up to par. I even made a pair of quickie earrings that are super cute and super light. Need to take photos when it’s light out. Whoo hoo! I also started my favorite Byzantine rose pattern in a smaller gauge. While it’s insanely small, it’s delicately beautiful. It truly makes my heart sing. With that said, I need to spend more time tidying the clutter around the apartment. It’s hard but I can’t use the baby as an excuse to be lazy. But being sick hasn’t helped much so I need to cut myself some slack and just get stuff done without over thinking the situation.

All and all, 2013 has started off well and I’m happy to be going back to my chainmaille straight up roots. So long as I can keep the apartment happy and tidy, I should have more creative motivation to create and exercise. I need to do whatever I can to maintain my well-being so I can be the best mom and wife I can be. And apparently my subconscious is nagging at me to get that dance corner back. 😉



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