Finding Balance

Wow, I used to create and then write about it a lot. Then I got married and everything shifted. No, seriously, the Artist’s Way really worked when I needed it. Maybe it’s time to dust it off and see what it can do for me now. Or even just log in my Morning Pages here. Having a baby changes everything on such a minute scale, you never notice the difference until it’s so far gone. Living consciously is really hard and I think the Morning Pages help connect you to whatever is bubbling on the inside, then the weekly lessons force you to come out of hiding to deal with stuff head on. Given that, I may begin “Walking in This World” again since I stopped after the wedding or sometime before. šŸ˜›

I have to admit that I’ve been struggling balancing my life right now. It’s so focused on the baby and sleep that this feels like a good idea. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga to stretch out my back and hips. My body has been out of whack from childbirth and I’m only starting to realize it’s time to get it back into its former glory. At least the apartment is clean so I don’t have to clean anymore until it gets messy again. I can focus on cleaning up my workbench and organizing jewelry supplies for Jesse.1. She would like that and kids need some kind of order. I taught her how to make simple wrapped loops. I’m hoping to get her to focus on that before I get her started on chainmaille. We’ll see. I need to get her to understand how much precision is needed for chainmaille and perfectly seamless ring closures. I have less than 2 months before her next visit to figure it out. Hmm.

It’s almost 7am, I have jewelry in the tumbler, husband is almost awake so I can boot up the computer, the dishwasher has been unloaded and loaded, and I’ve been awake since 4am. Baby’s been asleep since 5, so I need to figure out my next move. Brewing a 16oz cup of my favorite Bavarian berry tea would be a poor choice. So maybe some Morning Pages.


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