I love how “wake up early” usually equates to baby waking up after about 5 hours of sleep, whereas, he’s been sleeping for a solid 7 hours most of the week. -_-

One thing I’ve noticed since I hit 30 and had a baby is how damaging our modern lifestyle is to our bodies. While being super flexible during pregnancy was awesome, my hips need a lot of extra TLC to get back to their pre-pregnancy state. I can’t wait until I don’t have to constantly lift the baby 50x a day so I can give my upper body a rest. To compensate for all this excessive motion, I’ve been figuring out ways to ergonomically pick the baby off the floor without falling over. I also take the extra time to either put him in the crib or slowly lay down on the floor, deposit him, then get up and do what I need to do. Less bending of the back equals less strain. But yeah, we’re so used to being couch potatoes and hunching over our computers, that we don’t know why our posture sucks or why we feel so lethargic.

While I had no excuse not to practice my daily sun salutations this week, I’ve been making a habit of doing yoga twice a day. Once in the morning to greet the day and the sun, then another time in the evening to bid farewell to the day and welcome the moon and the evening. It’s a nice 10 to 15 minutes of me time, even if I have the baby kicking and cooing on my yoga mat while I workout. I need the grounding and the focus it provides to maintain some sort of sanity. That was the whole point of buying a new yoga mat for the house. And the baby loves to feel it and start scratching it with his nails. It’s sensory overload for him right now. Hehehe.

Dieting is also another pet peeve of mine. I admit that I’ve been blessed with a strong metabolism, but that’s no excuse not to eat healthy and treat my body with respect. A crash diet isn’t going to get you anywhere except a dark and dreary black hole of I hate my body, because you can’t restrict yourself to the point that you binge when you let yourself go. It’s a lifestyle change and I think that’s what people don’t understand. Pregnancy weight gain is only an extra slice of bread or a heartier portion of dinner or dessert on top of your normal dinner. It really isn’t a lot of extra calories like some people actually believe. So with that in mind, I’ve been attempting to eat less junk and more healthy things gradually. I have moments when I crave vegetables so I make sure I always have lettuce on hand. And I always have apples in the fridge. Soon I’ll be able to stock my fridge full of strawberries and peaches. Having gestational diabetes really killed my love of fruit and I need to get back into my apple a day habit. Being able to only have half an apple with peanut butter a day really kills that idea. It’s also a quick snack while toting the baby around. One thing I need to do is to set out my snack mix of fruit, nuts, and dried berries for the day so I remember to eat it.

I’ve also been making it a point to limit my screen time, which includes the iPhone/iPad. We’re so connected that we’re disconnected from our basic human need of socialization. Most people of my generation are afraid of calling people because they prefer to text. While it is due to trying to avoid confrontation, it’s sad how dependent we are on our mobile devices. When I am sitting at my computer, I make sure my back is supported and my arm rest is supporting my right arm so mousing isn’t so strenuous on my shoulder and hand. It sounds silly, but proper computer posture is important. I even make sure I have proper posture while I’m making jewelry because that’s really going to hurt if I hurt myself badly enough that I can’t make jewelry. The futon is perfect back support, but my feet don’t touch the ground. When we eventually move, I hope to get a recliner that will double as a nursing/cuddle station as well as a reading and chainmaille station. I can’t sit at my workbench anymore because it’s too high off the ground and as hard as I try to make it work, I will wait until I get a new jewelry desk. It makes me sad, but I’m taking care of myself. I’m putting myself first, which is a difficult concept for most people to grasp. But this is the secret to not be old and grumpy when I’m old and grumpy. I want to make sure I can live up to Jesse’s expectation of how Asian women outlive everyone. Not that I want to outlive him though. 😉

Be nice to yourself. You’ll be happier for it later. 😉


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