All or Nothing

One of the roles Jesse plays among our little household is that he makes breakfast. Jesse.1 will help him when she’s visiting, so I really just need to tend to the baby and peddle around until they’re done. It was nice during her last visit, I called up my mom to get her crepe recipe which is something between a crepe and a pancake that we call “Mommy Made Cake”. We smother it with Nutella and strawberries if they’re in season. Yum yum. That was a fun visit. 🙂

When I make breakfast, it’s usually because I’m starving and my chocolate chip muffin from Vons (they make the best commercially available chocolate chip muffins) or cereal doesn’t cut it. So yeah, I go all out. It’s seriously a case of all or nothing because that’s just how I am. Luckily Jesse made nachos over the weekend so there were leftover cut up onion already. I’ve been dying to cook something with Trader Joe’s Peppered Turkey Bacon and this was the perfect excuse. After hanging out with my friend and her husband who’s just shy of being a professional chef, I decided I needed to make an effort to eat more vegetables. When I was at Superior on Sunday, I got green bell peppers to start with. It’s only natural to figure out how to cook with them since I already eat them on pizza. My scramble this morning consists of 6 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, 2 roma tomatoes, whatever left of the onion, and one bell pepper. OMG, it’s really good and the sharp cheddar cheese just makes it perfect. In all my years of Chinese cooking, smothering anything in scrambled egg and eating it over rice porridge is a good meal. 😀

I’ve always been the “all or nothing” type. I think it’s because I’m a chicken and when I jump, I’m going to jump. I won’t settle for mediocracy. Engineering school took me almost 6 years, but I graduated with my degree in Electrical Engineering and no one can take that away from me. As my dad says, “I earned it.” Usually when he says that, he’s pointing to his beautifully shiny 2003 Mercedes SL500. 😉

I don’t half-ass things. I don’t have time to do that. When I’m interested in something, I throw myself into it wholeheartedly, absorbing every last bit of information I can find on the subject. I did it with ribbon embroidery, gardening, and jewelry. Those are the 3 hobbies I’ve poured my soul into and the jewelry turned into a business. I have beautifully framed keepsakes of my ribbon embroidery and a box full of silk ribbon waiting for the day I pick it back up again. My gardening skills have proven useful with my little patio, even though the only thing I’m growing right now are green onions I don’t even water. But when we have a yard, I’ll be out there studying sun patterns and figuring out where I can put my fuchsias. 😉

Heck, I wholeheartedly jumped into my relationship with Jesse from the beginning because I knew, seeing where it would go would be worth the risk of a broken heart. For those of you who know me, I was never the adventurous type until I met him. He awoke something inside of me that was always there and occasionally came out here and there. Now, it’s more predominantly out. And we’re all loving it. ❤

To quote the Brady Family motto from Days of Our Lives, “No guts, no glory.” 😀


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