Top 5 Things of Joyfulness

I should write about what brings me unfiltered, child-like joy. So here are my top 5 things:

1.  When a customer or friend finds the perfect piece of jewelry.

Being an artist that caters to the public isn’t always an easy feat. While my designs aren’t meant to be trendy, I still have my share of insecurities. It really hit me when I started metal stamping. It’s so unique, it’s hard to really know who’s going to like it. To combat those feelings, I stared making personalized tags to give as a gift since it’s so personalized. And when I started, I was burning a lot of angst with every blow of my hammer. But nothing gives me more satisfaction as an artist when I find the perfect home for my jewelry. The black tourmaline from my crazy pirate rock lady has become a real hit lately. The necklace I’ve dubbed as the “vindictive karma” necklace did its job when I lent and eventually sold it to a friend. Her office had some nasty energy in the elevator and the black tourmaline made it run away. After that, I’ve had so many inquiries for it, I had to ask my crazy pirate rock lady if she has anymore. She’s in India right now, hopefully scoring tons and tons of kilos of rough stones waiting to become polished and beads. 😀

2.  Being called “Hui Hui”

Backstory: My dad named me after him, so my entire family (immediate and extended family on both sides) calls me “Hui Hui” to differentiate me from my dad.

Honestly, only my husband and best friend from college call me “Hui Hui” and it just warms my heart and feels like home. It’s different when your “new” family calls you something your blood family has called you for your whole life. It makes me squee. 😉

Yes, that is exactly why I decided to name my jewelry business “Hui Hui Designs”. 😉

3.  My New Family

Getting married and being a mom has been so profound, it’s still a bit shocking that I have both. I should be used to it by now, but on a mental level, it’s still such a trip. But there are moments when I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. My husband adores me and my little baby is so smart and growing up so fast with each passing day. I am blessed to be able to have the quality time to spend with him during these fleeting and precious days.

Our lives are one big adventure, which is exactly what I wanted when we were discussing the possibility of getting married. We’re never that boring old married couple with a baby. The spark that made people gag with cuteness and jealousy still shines bright and the baby just adds to it. We’re a team with a very exciting future ahead of us. It’s wonderful to be so happy and I still jump up and down and squee while doing my happy clap.

4.  Flexing My Creative Muscle

The journey of an artist is never ending and full of opportunities to learn something new. One of the newest lessons I’ve learned is that you can’t control where the muse will take you. You can only help guide it before it fully takes over to find its true north. I’ve learned to analyze my creative process so I know when the muse takes over and I just run with it. It’s so liberating to be able to create so freely. Of course, I can only do this when I’ve gotten enough sleep, the baby is napping, and the apartment is calm. But finally being able to acknowledge how it all works is wonderful.  Someday, I’ll have more space so everything I need is directly at my fingertips.  Wire, chains, rings, everything.  I’ve already found my dream desk.  Next is to find a bigger apartment or a house. 😉

5.  Spending Time with Friends

Last weekend was the best weekend I’ve had for awhile.  It started on Thursday when we met up with my east coast friends who were in town for the seatbelt bag limited edition release party.  Yeah, we’re a bunch of purse dorks, but hey, these silly purses brought us together.   She came to my wedding and her husband got Swiss chocolate coins from Geneva for my party favors.  That’s how awesome they are.  😉  Saturday was the actual event and it was nice to see all my bag ladies.  I’ve been so preoccupied with the baby, but I was determined to get out and party.  Which we did.  One bag lady even traveled from West Virginia between her chemo treatments.  It was awesome meeting her and I’m so happy I got to spend time with her over lunch.  I loaned her my Perfect Ring for strength so she can beat the cancer and come back to CA for another awesome visit.  Check out her Facebook Page and drop her a line of support.  She started with lung cancer that has spread to her spine and brain.  But she’s a tough cookie and she’ll beat it back down into remission.

Now that I’m a married woman and mother, my time is worth more than it used to.  With that said, I only spend time with the people who warm my heart and are worth the time I could be spending with my family or sleeping.  Priorities change with martial status and age.  At least I know that my 30’s will never have a dull moment and my time won’t be wasted.  😀


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