Not Sleeping…

And here comes another summer in the apartment. I woke up hot because the weather is starting to slightly warm up, so I’m sorting through beads and folding laundry. Someday, having my own washer and dryer will be nice. Less giant bins of laundry to fold, but we’ll have to time our loads since it won’t be 7 machines at a time. Haha, that means I’ll also get to do my own laundry again. Oh well, it’s been nice having Jesse do it all. 😉

I went through my kyanite box and realized I have a lot more of it than I thought. It seems that it has been more popular over the years since I’ve been able to get more of it in bead form. It’s just so hard to polish since it has a Moh scale number on both the x-axis and the y-axis. It’s such a pretty blue with faint white streaks that sparkle. The higher gem quality stones have less of the white streaks. I only have a few strands that don’t have the white. OMG, those are yummy. I think my favorite is the faceted blue-green rondelles I got from my crazy pirate rock lady. I’ve only made a pair of earrings with those. I need to think of something else to do with them. Eventually, something will say, “Hey, make that into this.”

It’s hard to focus on what I should make next, simply because there are too many things I can do. Reeling it all in is a challenge. I’m happy with a challenge, but sometimes it’s frustrating. For instance, I should be making more earrings, but I end up not, because the designs I adore are too tiresome because I only have a set amount of time before the baby demands my attention, or only so much energy before I need to sleep before the baby wakes up. I am at least acknowledging this and working through it by making the first earring then slowly working on the matching one. I’m almost done with the matching elaborate Chinese knot earring I posted a little bit ago. In spite of my frustrations, I really love that design. There are so many variations I can do with it. It’ll be epic once I put my mind to it.


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