Bye Bye Clutter

My baby is still asleep and I really want to soak in the bath. Grrrr.

I’ve been gutting the clutter out of my apartment in hopes of sparking my creativity. My husband is seriously rubbing off on me in that regard. While I’m okay with creative clutter, it’s becoming more of a nuisance because I don’t want to clean it up later. I have better things to do with my time than spending it putting stuff away or tossing it out. So Fridays have become my “let’s tear this place apart” days. Hopefully we’ll find a house or move into a 2 bedroom soon. But that’s what Mom and Dad’s garage is for. ๐Ÿ˜‰ At least for a little bit while I decide if I need to purge more stuff.

The time has come for me to try out the yoga studio down the street. My postpartum body isn’t what it used to be, and while I know it takes about a year to get back to normal, I need it to compliment my bellydance training as well as strengthen both my spirit and my body. I know my root chakra has been massively stuck closed and I need to get it a little bit open. That also means I should start gardening again too. I may start that after the yoga. The spring and sun is coaxing me outside more. And soon I’ll be needing to teach my kids how to garden and how the Circle of Life works. Planting seeds is a good way to teach that. Or just show them the Lion King but I don’t want to encourage Disney or TV in general. I’m still a hippie in that regard. As much as I miss watching Gilmore Girls for hours on end, I don’t need a TV just yet.

Okay, time for a nice soak before the monster wakes up. Oh, he eats beets, not brains. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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