Yay, Earrings!

I’ve been on an earring kick this week. Not sure why, but I decided I was going to make earrings. Then this morning I decided to bust out my Swarovski crystal to see what designs I could bling out. Hehehe. Now I really want to take my new very basic chainmaille earring pattern and pick out the best size crystal to use. I’ve been defaulting with 6mm because it’s the best bang for my buck when I order new colors, but I really want to sit down, make a bunch of clusters, hook them to their respective chainmaille dangles, and stare at them. This is definitely my engineering brain trying to perfect the perfect ratio of crystal cluster. I already have the chainmaille part down, now it’s figuring out the crystal.

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with my Swarovski crystal (been on a stone kick lately), but it warms my heart and brings back old memories. When I have a house, I’m going to have a tasteful Swarovski crystal chandelier. I even have it all picked out. It will go in my dining room (I would love for it to go in my craft room, but I have better odds of having a dining room ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Swarovski crystal is no substitute for diamonds or gemstones. Personally, I use Swarovski crystal for the wonderful burst of color it gives to my jewelry designs because nature doesn’t usually give that much punch of color.

As far as beads go, Swarovski was my first love. I loved it more than the stones I love so much now. I have every color I love in my most practical size and then some. Diamond beads are too hard to get so these fulfill my need for bling. It gives my chainmaille designs the bling it needs. And it’s an engineering marvel as well. It’s leaded glass. That’s basically what it is. Daniel Swarovski was a true engineer of his time. And that’s why Swarovski makes you think couture. All the big fashion houses use Swarovski crystal in their designs. Christian Dior helped create the Swarovski aurora borealis coating for that extra shine. Personally it looks funny on darker colored crystals, but I do adore it on the lighter colors. I need more time to play with my crystal. ๐Ÿ˜€


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