Creative Vacation

Baby is on a crazy growth spurt this week. Tonight he woke up screaming bloody murder around 1:30am. Geez, kid, I hope you’re over 6 feet tall at the rate you’re eating and sleeping. Ever since last Friday, he’s been napping from 8am to 11:30am. Strange but I get my “me” time in the mornings. Well, that hasn’t been the case since Tuesday night. So it’s been a grueling few days and all I’ve really wanted to do is stay home and rest.

I’m coming to the realization that I need to just chill and roll with the punches life hands me. Right now I have to focus on my baby and whatever his needs are, without sacrificing too much of my sanity. With that said, I’m tabling any extra creative work for awhile. It sucks, but at the same time, I need to do some creative soul searching and I think a break would be good. I need to streamline my packaging and overall organization of my studio so it’s reaching maximum efficiency. While I have been creative for the past month, I need some new inspiration. I’ll continue to make my most basic pieces… chainmaille, Rock on a Rope, Chinese Knot, etc, but no new designs until I come out of hiding.

Jesse.1 is coming next week for her spring break so maybe I’ll get the creative boost I need from her. We’re going to go visit the Flower Fields down in Carlsbad on Saturday. We’ll go to my favorite German deli and market while we’re there for bratwurst and my highly coveted strawberry filled German chocolate. Apparently I can get it from Amazon… but that defeats the purpose of going down to the deli. It’s the experience that’s the fun part. Oh and the apple strudel. I hope to someday go back to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. That was a great trip back in high school.

Hello rest and relaxation. Maybe I’ll even pick up the Artist’s Way again. We’ll see. Namaste.


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