What Makes a Home a Home?

I find it strange that most people think of their apartment being temporary housing.  Maybe it’s because Apartment Therapy has been hanging out on my Facebook News Feed too much.  But other than painting the walls, I feel like I’ve made this apartment feel like home, but then again, I’m a Cancer.  Home is home, no matter how long you stay in it.  Sure, I don’t have a lot of experience in this area considering I’ve moved once and have lived in only two places in my entire 30 year existence, but come on.  Home is indeed where the heart is.

I’ve been thinking about what a home is a lot lately.  Partly because we’ve been house hunting, partly because I’m constantly trying to make this home, as temporary as it will be, as safe and comfortable as possible.  When I have the energy (usually in the morning while baby is still asleep), I tidy up the daily life clutter that has accumulated throughout the weekend and week.  Sometimes to keep my husband happy and sometimes because I can’t stand the creative clutter.  Some say that clutter actually clogs the soul, instead of keeping the creatives creative.  The more I dive into my jewelry design, the deeper I understand that efficiency is way better than creative clutter.  Having all my tools and supplies neatly at my fingertips is the best way to maximize my time.  Time is money and with a baby, I don’t have time to waste.  So, I’m desperately trying to organize and streamline my production of designing and packaging.  But my workbench has a long ways to go.  The packaging part is always evolving though.  Through trial and error, I’m slowly getting everything together.

Apparently the root chakra is related to hoarding.  My root chakra always seems to be unbalanced.  Having such a difficult labor really didn’t help with that, because it’s also related to the base of the spine and lower back.  Getting back into my pre-baby flexibility has been really hard.  I do yoga for a bit, then get lazy and stop, then pick it back up again.  I’m going to try out the local yoga studio down the street to get back into the groove of things.  At least with all this house hunting and the idea of moving in the back of my mind (either to a house or to a 2 bedroom apartment), my root chakra is finally starting to level out.  I’m weeding through the clothes at Mom and Dad’s that I’m never going to wear again.  It’s so weird going through them because it was the stuff I never brought with me to the apartment.  It’s like a relic of who I was pre-marriage and pre-baby.  Thankfully I really didn’t gain much weight during the pregnancy (the only good part about having gestational diabetes).  But yeah, I’ve even taken to clearing out as much clutter as I can here so I don’t have to haul it with me to the new place.  Purge purge purge has been  my motto lately.

I love this apartment.  My marriage started here and I’ve watched my baby grow up in here.  We’re getting a new AC unit, finally.  It’ll be sad to say goodbye, but with every door closing, there is a new door opening.  Until then, I’m going to clear out the clutter and enjoy every moment I can.


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