Jewelry ADD

I’ve always had this inner conflict when it comes to design. I love the streamline look of a beautiful chainmaille pendant on a chain, but sometimes I also love the familiarity of beads chained together. The hardest part for me is trying to put these two very different but very me designs into proper “collections” so I don’t seem as scatterbrained as I feel. It’s like trying to figure out when to use stones or Swarovski crystal.

Since my Perfect Ring is on loan, I’ve been wearing the next size up which is the same one Jesse is wearing, except it’s a size smaller and in rose gold. I love the heavier weight of this ring. I’m torn between the 22g which is what I’ve been used to wearing and the 20g I’ve been wearing for a little over a month now. Again, it depends on mood as well as application. This 20g ring fits best on my left hand when I’m not wearing my diamonds. I almost think I should make a 22g ring for my right hand. I’m amused that crazy ring people are right about feeling naked without wearing a ring once you’re used to it. I was wearing my wedding rings a lot more and even sleeping and showering with them because I needed something on my finger. I suppose I just needed the right rings for that. And speaking of wedding rings, I should look to make sure they haven’t been misplaced.

It’s hard being a designer. There are so many ideas bouncing around in my head that it’s hard to categorize them all. But maybe I’m pushing myself too hard to be inside a box I was never meant to be in. Eventually, with enough time and coaxing, I’ll figure it all out. Eventually, it will come.


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