A Jewelry Update!

Hey look, I found a picture of the 20g Perfect Ring I mentioned in my previous post!

Yeah, right as I say I’m taking a creative break, baby starts sleeping, and I get creative again.  Oops.  So much for trying to ride a linear curve.  Nope, it’s just as sporadic as baby’s sleeping habits. :-O  So, what’s been crackin’ at the Hui Hui factory?  Let’s see…

Chandara (a.k.a. Biggest Fan/Best Customer) ordered this ruby and rose gold bracelet.  Lucky for me, it arrived just in time for her birthday!  Whoo hoo!  Apparently when I say I’m “getting back to basics”, I default to using beads and chainmaille bits.  Usually in a pattern consisting of CB-Bead-CB.

Fairly predictable, but I yam what I yam. 😉  Wow, I write about this more than I thought…

I was contacted by a lady who was referred to me for custom jewelry.  We’ve been going back and forth via email to figure out the perfect necklace for her.  She likes thick and heavy chains, so some kind of chainmaille is in order for sure.  We just haven’t figured it out yet.  It’s been a fun challenge trying to figure out what suits her best.  I haven’t given my creative juices a hard enough workout for awhile and this fits the bill quite nicely.  Here’s a cool work-in-progress piece I came up with last weekend.  It’s pretty epic with the wall flower and the double sprial in sterling and rose gold.  Be still my rose gold heart. 😉

I found this wire stand at Michael’s and I think it makes a pretty decent earring display.  My only gripe is that I need something to weigh down the bottom of it in the basket.  I’ll probably get some of those glass pebbles in a cobalt blue to match the postcard.  I feel so professional! 😀

Hubby and I have a few errands to run later on this morning, then I hope to spend the rest of the day lounging around at home.  Probably play a few rounds of Dominion, then get him all packed for his trip to Pittsburgh.  Happy Saturday everyone! 😀


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