Welcome to My World

I’ve become more sentimental than I ever thought I would be. This is the back of my latest jewelry postcard. While it is clearly a wedding photo, it the best photo I have of myself wearing my epic, chainmaille collar. It also carries my tagline,

“If jewelry is a window into the soul, then my jewelry says I am strong, beautiful, and sometimes whimsical.”

My journey as a jewelry artist directly coincides with what’s happening with my life. I told Jesse.1 in order to be passionate about something, you have to eat, sleep, and breathe it in all the time. I’m sure she’ll understand when she’s older and develops more discipline. I was teaching her the very basics of chainmaille and she was still treating it like work, rather than play. So, someday it’ll sink in. I don’t think I was disciplined enough to sit still and make jewelry until I was 12 and started learning how to use wire. But because I’m bearing my soul through my jewelry, I feel that it’s appropriate to take other pieces of my life that inspires me and incorporate it into my jewelry business.

I’ve been photographing my jewelry using my wedding china as props. As I’ve said before, I’m so happy I chose this pattern. It represents the understated elegance I want to convey in my style, my home, and my jewelry. Even my husband’s minimalism. 😉  It makes me joyfully happy that I can share my love of jewelry and the love I’m manifesting through my new family with the world.

So please, take a look around and make yourself at home.  You’re not intruding. ♥


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