Almost Home

I need to carve out some designated hatching time.  The kind of time when I chase Jesse and the baby out of the apartment so I can have some quiet, recharge time.  It isn’t the same when baby is napping.  I want something more predictable and boring.  I need that little bit of good, clear focus.  But in all reality, that’s why my body wakes up in the dead of night after I’ve gotten enough sleep.  It’s my creative psyke saying, “Time to be creative.”  I love it, but I miss the more traditional route.  Eh, maybe once we get a bigger place, that will change.  It’s hard to find quiet in 700 square feet with a baby.

We’re going home today.  Already picked up groceries at Sprouts, so I just need to pack up the car and baby and go.  Jesse won’t be arriving home until super late, so hopefully we’ll get going soon.  Just a few things to finish up here and then I get to spend tomorrow resting and playing housewife.


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