Making a Statement

In today’s world, a ring on the left hand ring finger is the designated, “Hey, I’m taken” symbol. During a spring tea party I attended over the weekend, my friends and I were discussing wedding rings… how naked we feel without them, our personal style, etc. On occasions like this, I like to wear my hard earned diamonds. I simply forgot because I was busy tidying the apartment and packing up the baby for our stay at Mom and Dad’s until Jesse returns from a business trip on Thursday. Which brings me to say, yet again, I really need to make myself a new Perfect Ring in 22g for everyday wear. I want to tell the world I’m married, but I don’t want to wear my rings all the time, nor do I like wearing just the wedding band without the engagement ring. I need to get them soldered together just for the sake of simplicity, but the engagement ring is a size 8.25 and the wedding band is a size 8. Bah, I’ll let the jeweler figure it out when I get it done.

Jewelry is defined as an adornment, typically with gems encased in precious metals. But jewelry can be anything from braided leaves to a diamond encrusted crown. Its design depends on the person wearing it; the outward statement this person is trying to convey and invoking emotion of some kind. You can distinguish the difference between the crown of a monarch or the amulet of a sorceress. What kind of statement do you want your jewelry to make?


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