Home Again

It’s good to be home. Baby is behaving and not whining as much as he was at Mom and Dad’s. Yay. Today is our resting day and I actually cooked a decently healthy meal. I like to stuff things into a pot and stew it for a bit so I diced up 2 tomatoes, a garlic herb chicken sausage, 1/3 of a big fat potato, and tossed in all my Italian seasonings. Not too bad if I do say so myself. This is my first good attempt at cooking in a long time. It’s just tiresome to figure out what to cook when you’re exhausted and need a quick fix before the baby demands all your energy and attention. So yay for baby steps in the right direction. Now if only I could eat more lettuce like I used to…

Now that Jesse is home, I can finally sign up for that yoga studio down the street. I need to nurture my body and have some time away from the baby. I’m probably going to sign up for 3 months of unlimited classes (yay for newbie specials!). I need to take care of myself, which is really hard as a new mom. But this is one of the first steps towards that. It’s really hard to separate all of the different facets of who I am, because I tend to stick myself in a box and stay there. Lately, I’ve been stuck inside the “Mom” box. At least the artist has been coming out to play more than I thought it would. And the engineer came out after spending the week with Mom and Dad. Again, today’s been a nice day to rest and recharge. Been working on some pretty cool pendants after sitting on ideas all week. Pictures when I get a chance and good lighting. 😉

It’s interesting that Jesse and I are coming up on our 4 year dating anniversary. It takes some people 6 years before they get engaged, but we managed to date, get married, and have a baby in less than 4 years. Haha, go us! 😉 I’m just finally happy life has settled down a bit. Baby is progressing rapidly, my creative juices come and go but they’re definitely still there, my friends and family are awesome, and I have the best husband ever. What more could I possibly ask for? I never imagined my life turning out this way, but I’m happy it did. 😀


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