Early Morning Rambling

I do my best creative work in the dead of night. Apparently, I also do my best tidying too. The weather has been warm, so the apartment heats up a lot, even with the fan on and all that. So after we finally got baby to bed (apparently he didn’t like my chicken and wanted baby food instead), I woke up at 2am, sticky and annoyed. I turned on the AC for a bit, then started tidying up the apartment since I’ve neglected doing so since before Jesse left on his trip. Yay for nesting and tidying. As much as I’m a fan of creative clutter, it bugs me when it gets too overwhelming. Yes, my husband is slowly beating the hoarder out of me, which is good for everyone. I have kids to set an example for! 😛

Baby has been sleeping in his crib now because he loves to rotate 360 degrees and he’s just growing so much that 9 month footie PJ’s are starting to get tight in the feet. I got him some 12 month PJ’s and OMG, he totally fit them, no problem. My baby is getting too big too fast! He crawls backwards and walks backwards in his walker at Mom and Dad’s. He had his first real temper tantrum today. I was feeding him a banana and he was trying to eat his rattle at the same time. I took it away and he just started bawling, big tears and everything. Oy, this kid is going to be sassy when he’s older. Thankfully he can’t talk yet, but he’s getting there soon. At least he’s cute. 😉

Today I made 3 pendants. That’s pretty good considering my lack of energy/effort/time. But the ideas needed to manifest and it did. I’m really excited about all the possibilities that are starting to present itself with this very simple design. Whoo hoo! I should make cute earrings to match. Oh, that would be so cute! Yay for being creative, rested, and happy. And on that note, back to bed. 😉


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