Still Got It

I’ve become a morning person, so as soon as my body hits the “awake” button, I want to run around the apartment to get all the stuff I need to get done before baby wakes up. Of course, that leaves me ragged and tired, waiting for baby’s next nap. But this morning, I thought I should stay in my nice warm bed and cuddle. I started yoga classes on Monday and I thought to myself, while fighting the urge to jump out of bed, “slow down and savor this moment.” We’re so hard-wired to GO! GO! GO! that sometimes it hard to stop and smell the roses. Besides, when does newlywed status end? While the baby has certainly turned our lives upside down, we still manage to keep the love alive. There’s a stark difference between dating and being married. When you’re dating, you focus solely on your partner. When you’re married with kids, you focus on the baby because the baby is more outwardly demanding. The level of attention has decreased, but silence isn’t as awkward as it used to be. I think the best part about being married is that Jesse knows how to deal with me when I’m in a mood. 😀

I’ve been bitten by the creative bug this week and it’s been really awesome. There are a ton of things I’m finally getting in motion and it’s pretty awesome. Synchronicity at its best! I started yoga this week because Sashi is on hiatus until September (BOO!). 2 weeks ago, I officially started colluding with a friend who is now my official photographer. She’s an obsessive crocheter and it seems like both us and our husbands came out of the same batch of quirky nerds. It’s really awesome to be surrounded by such kindred spirits. I can’t wait to see what awesome chaos we come up with. 😀


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