New Amulet

This is my present to myself for Mother’s Day. Well, more like I made this at 4am because I got bit by the creative bug and immediately went into “Sheldon” mode but without the “eureka!”. Hehehehe. It’s aquamarine and morganite. I finally got my morganite from Allison a few weeks ago and I’ve been fondling the strand of beads, contemplating what to do with it. It wasn’t until yesterday, as I was reading up on the properties of aquamarine, I finally figured out why I’ve been craving beryl stones in general.

I’m learning to trust my instincts and intuition more and the aquamarine is helping me build that self-confidence. It’s also guiding me through the flurry of emotions and just going with the flow of things. I don’t always go with the flow very well, especially when it involves change. It’s a very beneficial stone for me, which explains why I’ve been drawn to it during the past few bead shows. Morganite helps promote love and compassion, as well as acknowledging old patterns and subconsciously figuring out how to go from there and move on. It’s almost like an emotional vacuum cleaner.

My life has been everything but simple. I’m finally happy with who I am and I acknowledge my flaws and shortcomings. These stones are great for that journey, as I dive deeper in the throes of marriage, motherhood, and my art. One thing my mother told me a few months ago as I was trying to explain how I’ve been feeling, is that you have to live in the present. I’ve known that for a long time, simply because you’re not happy living in either the past or the future. You’re missing all the great things that are happening right now. It’s just a hard concept to grasp when you’re caught up in the flood of emotions that come with past traumas and exciting new things. Learning to let go and go with the flow is a great application for situations like these. Having a baby has actually helped ground me to stay in the present because if I blink, my baby is going to grow up into a man before I realize it. He’s starting to have an opinion and he’s not afraid to show it. Oy, he gets his sass from me. 😉

Yoga has been amazing. I’ve decided to continue with kundalini yoga twice a week. I’m also going to try restorative yoga and that will round it out to 3 classes a week. It forces me to slow down and be in the moment. It’s also part of my self-care regimen because it’s easy to fall into the trap of “I’m a Mom!” and nothing but that. Yes, this is my attempt at being well rounded. So far so good. 😉 Working out is good for my creative soul as well, so there are numerous benefits as well. I’m really happy with how this week has been and I hope the future is just as awesome. Now if only I can remember what my Dropbox password is…


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