Design Lessons

I’ve been getting a new lesson on design from Allison. Collaborative, creative chaos can be a good thing at times.

I started my Chinese Knot earring like this, but the transition between the Maille and the bead was too stark and not smooth enough. The chi wasn’t flowing as perfectly as it could. So…

Hmm… the knots on the ruby made it too bulky for such a dainty piece (these are 20g rings with 22g connectors). So, in untypical Hui fashion (usually I hide while I’m creating), I started colluding with Allison about it. After a lengthy conversation consisting of “Hmmmmmmm” I finally came up with this.

I have to admit that I was initially hesitant to try what she had suggested, but biting back my pride and ego, I went with it. And holy crap, watch out because what started as a simple earring has turned into a necklace and bracelet design. It’s really true, that sometimes, you can’t do everything by yourself. 😉


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