The Perils of “Ooo Shiny”

The problem with being an artist is all the different directions the muse points you in.  My biggest struggle as an artist has been trying to keep some consistency within my designs.  Sometimes I think I have too many loves… chainmaille, rocks, Swarovski crystal, artisan glass beads, etc.  But, I am making a conscious effort to streamline as much as possible, even if it means sticking myself in a box (i.e. a jewelry collection) then telling my muse I can run as far away from the box so long as I stay within the lines of the collection.  It seems counter-intuitive for an artist to be tied down even in the slightest, but as an artist and a businesswoman, I need the constraints to think even more outside the box and not be a “starving” artist.

I miss my desk when it was like this.  It was focused and exclusively used for reading and making jewelry.  As hard as I’ve tried, my desk is still the most comfortable place for me to create.  My jewelry supplies have migrated back here, even though the weather is slowly starting to warm up.  Soon, I’ll have to move back into the other room.  Jesse has convinced me to abandon this desk when we move, with the promise of a luxurious, exclusive jewelry desk made of solid wood from our local wood furniture store.  It’ll be hard to let it go when we do eventually move, but one thing this marriage has taught me, is that we don’t need to hold on to our worldly possessions as tight as we do.  Styles change, bodies shift, furniture becomes old, worn, or in need of replacing.  In a way, this next move will signify another chapter of our lives together.  I’ve already weeded through my clothes a few times, and I know I’ll be weeding through it again.  I haven’t gone serious clothes shopping in quite awhile, simply because I don’t need to and I pick up a few pieces here and there.

XCVI started a brilliant idea of “pop up” shops in order to get more exposure to themselves and cater to the die hard fans like me.  They’ve opened lovely temporary stores in Seattle, Portland, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Mission Viejo, etc.  This gives the locals a chance to sample the delights of their clothing without the pain and sweat of searching for online shops that carry their clothes.  I’ve only gone to the Mission Viejo store once, but I did just score some sweet deals at Last Call!, Neiman Marcus’ clearance outlet.  Whoo hoo!

But yes, my husband is helping me not be as much as a hoarder as I used to be.  The minimalism will benefit my jewelry business as well as the rest of my life, and my children’s lives as well.  Or here’s hoping it will. 😉


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