I had a chainmaille demo on Sunday in Long Beach at the Patchwork Indie Craft Show.  It was a blast to hang out with so many talented ladies who are part of the little shop we all rent space from.  Come check us out if you’re ever in the Bixby Knolls area of Long Beach!  Connecting with the artistic community like that has been something I’ve been missing ever since my local bead store stopped hosting their “Bring Your Own Project” night around the time I moved closer to the area.  Long Beach also seems to have a very friendly community, so it was nice to be part of that as well.  I also finished my new Perfect Ring just in time for the show.  Thank goodness because my finger has been feeling naked.  I think that helped “seal the deal” for all the joy that came out of that day.  ♥ ♥ ♥

Jesse had the baby for the day, so I was free to run amok.  On the drive to the show, I found it strange that I was going by myself.  Usually I would have had a friend or two accompanying me on adventures like these.  Usually baby goes everywhere I go so that definitely added to the vibe.  I think the worst thing was realizing I couldn’t use the carpool lane. 😉  But things change, friendships fade, life gets in the way, etc.  To be driven by fear is no way to live, so I acknowledged that twinge of strangeness and carried on.

The area of Long Beach the show was happening in is such a cute area.  Of course, the houses cost around 800k-$1.3M, and the houses fronting the main street had docks because of the marina.  I parked in front of this house… had I gotten there a little bit later, I would have gone inside to see the Open House.  Hehehe.  I even had time to snap some photos of the rose bushes as I walked towards the show.  I love how the flowers in beachy areas adore the salty sea air and bloom just a little bit brighter.

I feel “whole” again.  Connected to a community that’s more than just my usual circle of friends and family.  Connected on a slightly larger scale.  And seriously grounded from kundalini yoga.  It’s easier to be happy, as well as celebrate the life we have now, instead of constantly mourning the life we used to have.  There are days when I reminisce about “the good old days” and how things used to be.  But then I look at where I am and the woman I’ve become and I feel accomplished.  No one likes change, let alone dealing with change.  I still fret and scurry a little bit when change happens, but I’m getting used to it more and scurrying a lot less than I used to.  Yay for evolution of the  soul. 😉


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