June Nostalgia

I gave Allison probably about 99% of my jewelry box last month to photograph and indirectly force me to think about my lack of everyday jewelry.  And the pieces I’m willing to part with and the pieces I need more of.  I really need to start making a pile of Perfect Rings, simply to have them on hand and in stock.  That may help keep the flow of sales going and it would definitely be easier to “pimp” them out while I’m out somewhere in person.  There’s always a mountain of things to do, so much that it reminds me of taking a quickie time management workshop during college orientation. 😉

June has been making me nostalgic with a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I met Jesse 4 years ago during the month of June and the necklace shown above was what I was working on when he called for the first time.  I wore it on our second date to Thai food and strolling around Laguna Beach.  We were comparing and contrasting the differences between engineering and hard sciences, discussing the need for a masters and/or a PhD in either field, and walking along a moonlit beach talking about positrons.  To say he brought out my inner nerd would be an understatement.  But by no coincidence, he also brought out more of my creativity through his undying love. ♥

We met up with my Engineering Council activities chair and her man for dim sum yesterday.  She wanted to meet her new boyfriend (aka Hui.1).  We hadn’t seen each other for 8 years!  We kept in touch through Facebook, but holy crap, 8 years is a long time.  I’m married with 2 kids already (one acquired and one I made)!  Looking back, marrying Jesse has been one of the best things I ever did for myself.  😀

So no, I can’t part with that necklace.  But I will make more because I really love the design with the pearls.  I need to make more things with pearls. 😉


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