Summer is Here

I just started reading the “Song of Ice and Fire” series, and had to put a different twist onto the North’s infamous saying of “Winter is coming”. Hehehe, yes, I am a dork and I love it. ūüėČ

Summer definitely is coming. The weather is warming up to the point that we need to start turning on the AC when we go to bed. ¬†There is a reason my baby is always dressed in footie pj’s at night. ¬†My cupboards are bare, stocked with only baby food and canned goods such as beans for soups, chili, and hummus. My freezer is out of ice cream and all the tasty frozen snacks from Trader Joe’s. I made my garlic tomato dip twice last week, because the Roma tomatoes are finally up to par and beg to be diced and spread over toasted bread smothered with cream cheese. Jesse.1 is coming on today and staying with us until we drop her off at her great grandmother’s next Sunday somewhere north of Fresno. Jesse has a college reunion next weekend, so this will be a good chance to get away for a little while. Yes, while it is Fresno, it is a mini-vacation and should be treated as such. I’m just happy Jesse.1 will get to spend some time with Jesse’s paternal grandmother once I figure out when we get to go see her.

I’ve been super busy with the day job, as well as cranking out another Spiral 6-1 necklace order. I finished and delivered another jewelry order over the weekend to a very happy customer (see picture above). Hehehe. So it’s been busy, busy, busy. The next big thing I’ve been developing over the past few months is figuring out how to put together a collection. A collection is defined as “a line of products produced for one season”. While this is true, I’m stretching the notion of collection to be a more permanent thing than an once per season thing. I should have a collection of one of a kind pieces just because it would be nearly impossible to track down some of the more rare stones I adore. The best part about this month has been watching Season 4 of Gilmore Girls and going to town with my chainmaille. Having background noise is great when I’m simply building, not designing.

Organized thinking is certainly a new challenge. My “Ooo shiny” brain just wants to flit from here to there life a hummingbird determining its next snack. It takes more energy for a hummingbird to stop and sit on a branch than it does flitting here and there. But I’m getting more and more settled into this new way of thinking. Once the dust settles, I need to take the Spiral 6-1 pattern and tear it apart and put it back together again with beads. That’s what I do best… I use my engineering mind to rip the chainmaille to shreds like how a direwolf eats its chicken (again, too much “Game of Thrones”) and then give it my Hui-twist by adorning it with stones, crystals, and glass. Allison reminded me of how *that* is what makes me me. My affinity for both beads and chainmaille and putting them together harmoniously. ¬†I get tunnel vision and get stuck focusing on minute details that is negligible compared to the big picture. ¬†Sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn’t. ¬†Learning how to weed through that is just another piece of the puzzle and keeps life interesting.


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