Camp Hui Hui

Best friend’s daughter who is a year older than Jesse.1 will be known as BFF.1

This whole Mom thing is a pain in the butt but there are times it’s worth it. Jesse.1 and BFF.1 came with me to watch Ironman 3. 😀

I had BFF.1 for a whole four days and three nights. We went to the Los Angeles Arboretum to chase peacocks and the girls went swimming almost everyday. Then they would play Minecraft until bedtime. Having two kids to occupy each other works out better than having one kid constantly running up to you, begging for attention and food.

Today we’re in Merced to drop off Jesse.1 and then make the trek back home. Jesse had a college reunion yesterday and then we stopped in Patterson to visit with his grandmother. It was a nice visit and I feel very strongly about the kids getting to know at least this great grandma.

I got some jewelry finished yesterday… Just cranking out knot sections for Chinese Knot epicness that Allison and I have planned for later on. It’s been a whirlwind of a week and Hui.1 chipped off the bottom portion of the tourmaline Rock on a Rope I had just made. Grrrr. But at least I have a few things done. I need to get a move on, but it doesn’t help that Hui.1 also started crawling forward on Tuesday. He gets into everything now so I need to figure out what to do…

Thank you Auntie Allison for the 42 shirt. 😉


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