The Hui Hui Cave

This is my new studio… also known as the Hui Hui Cave. I told Jesse.1 when I’m working, there will be no chatting. Other than watching TV once we have a TV, it will be a room for quiet activities. Daydreaming, reading, and reconnecting with yourself, the world, and everything else we neglect during our hectic-paced lives.

It’s about 300 square feet, with a view of the Fullerton Hills to the south and foothills to the north. There’s a lovely cross breeze to keep it cool in the summer, thanks to all the additional insulation we added into the exterior walls and the ceiling. It’s pre-wired for a ceiling fan just in case, but during the few times we’ve been inside, the breeze and insulation are enough to keep it comfortable. My jewelry desk will go on the west wall, probably centered with the power outlet on the left side. There is a window seat along the entire length of the south wall. It hides the ventilation pipe that runs across the room. Last week we went to Artesia for Indian food and a little bit of shopping for some long, skinny pillows. I knew I could find them there and I wanted something that wasn’t boring. Decorating that room isn’t going to be easy, but it’ll be a good challenge to tie everything together. To make the room a little bit more baby friendly, I’m going to buy a steel cabinet to store all of my bead boxes. I warped IKEA Billy bookshelves with my rocks, so I want something a lot more durable. Being able to lock it is also a great perk because I was the kid who opened drawers and took everything out. Hui.1 will undoubtedly be similar! 😉

I packed up the seatbelt pillows I bought for the futon and there’s some room in the box for a few extras I want to be up in that room. My 2002 era He-Man and Skeletor action figures, complete with their original cartoon voice actors who came out of hiding after 25 years. 2 Lumurian Seed Crystals from my wedding gift bags, a stuffed crab, and my dragon Wicky. Oh yes, and the tiara I wore for my wedding. It crowns my stuffed crab, appropriately enough. 😀 These are only the small, select trinkets I want with me in my new space. I have a limited amount of space and I want to maximize the minimalism as much as possible. I may end up buying a desk gong, but why? It’s a little hokey, but maybe. Hehehe.

This afternoon we get to have homeowner’s orientation. I assume it will consist of “don’t park here,” and “don’t do this”. This is really happening, isn’t it? I’ve dreamed of the day we’d start moving in and all the nesting I’m going to do, and it’s actually, finally here… oy.


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