Chugging Along

I’m taking a moment to breathe and admiring my Hui Hui Cave. I’m putting away all the annoyances I have with our first night here and enjoying the moment. Living in the moment. 😉

The birds are singing away in this early part of the morning. As usual, I woke up hungry, but also very cold. Got a snack, mopped the tile a bit, and came back upstairs. Need to make sure I have Kleenex and a blanket for tonight. The rest can wait. I need to make jewelry. Okay, I may need to bring over my chair while one of us is at the apartment. And maybe my chainmaille rings. 😀

My jewelry desk is lovely. So rich and exquisite. Same with the bed too. I’m going to need a stool to get in and out, that darn thing is so high. But that’s okay. I’m in love with the gorgeousness of the wood and finish so I’m not complaining. So lovely and functional with 6 drawers on each side of the bed. And the brushed nickel knobs. Oh be still my heart.

The cave is slowly coming together quite nicely. Jesse had no idea the steel cabinet would be so big but this is exactly what I wanted. It’ll keep the baby out of my beads and chocolate stash. Whoo hoo! Oy, he looks so big in the picture with my desk. He’s not tall enough to reach the top of my desk yet, thank goodness. Which means I can stash my rings in the top 3 drawers. Yay!!! I’m actually very excited, despite my frantic fretting of so much stuff left to do. My sister offered me her 60″ TV at a price we couldn’t refuse. So we do get a TV after all, Netflix-ready! All we need now is a TV stand, DVD player, and my Wii. Eh, I may not have time to play on it but it would be nice to have since I do have it. Saturday we should be moving the furniture we’re keeping from the apartment so the futon up here will be so cozy! /squee


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