I’m Alive

I haven’t been making jewelry so I’ve been posting on Etsy to feel remotely productive while I get my house into order.  Click on the photo to shop. 😉  It’s really hard not to be in production mode, but I’m making the best of it.  I keep telling myself I need to start working on stuff, anything really, but getting settled is more important right now.  Heck, I haven’t even brought over my tumbler from the apartment yet.  Both of them.  Yup, the joys of moving and nesting.

My studio is actually coming along really well.  Jesse had the great idea to rotate my desk 90 degrees to maximize wall space efficiency and so I’m not staring at the wall.  We decided to buy my sister’s 60″ TV, so I’ll be watching a lot of Gilmore Girls, He-Man, and Teddy Ruxpin again.  Whoo hoo!  But first, I’ll have an Ironman marathon.  I love me some Tony Stark. 😉

I think this how I’m going to store the rings I use the most, but I haven’t had time to properly sit down and figure it all out.  Baby wants to play with the drawers full of Mommy’s rings and that’s not a good thing for him to play with.  I’ll babyproof after I get all my ring containers inside my desk.  Again, need more time for that.  At least the kitchen is settled.  We’re pretty settled too, now it’s just putting things where they need to go.

Krill came for a quick visit on Sunday.  Hui.1 was so happy to have another baby around.  He was so mesmerized.  Krill has the cutest baby butt because it’s just so big.  Hui.1 still has the proportions of a nerd. 😀

Here’s another Etsy listing.  Click on the photo to shop. 😉



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