Settling In

What have I been doing?  Unpacking all the loads we’ve made from the apartment and packing up the apartment.  Somehow I managed to make a pair of clear crystal Can Can earrings over the weekend.  Yay!  I have more Etsy listings too. 😉  I really need to make an Etsy listing template to make listing easier and more streamline.

My father-in-law came over with his brood Saturday afternoon so we had to clean and make sure the house didn’t look like a prison.  Everyone liked the wedding photo on the kitchen counter so it stays. 😀  Jesse doesn’t like the pillows but it’s nice to have comfy pillows when you’re lounging.  He just doesn’t like frilly.  He likes streamline, neat, and all that.  We’re actually both very transitional in our style of decor.  Modern is too modern and traditional is just too stuffy.  And I have to say that the Jane Seymour line of furniture at Living Spaces is so 80’s tacky.  Ugh, I really thought she had better taste than that.  I guess not.

My little brother-in-law has finally vacated my cave just in time for my birthday.  It’s been nice to wander around up there.

I had a good, quiet birthday.  Mom kidnapped me to surprise Dad for lunch with the baby, then Jesse took me out for fried chicken and waffles.  Yum yum!  Sadly, it wasn’t filling enough so I had to get a snack and read Game of Thrones before bed.  And look at that baby face!  Oy!


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