Santa Ana Art Walk ~ Post Show Recap

I got invited to exhibit at the Santa Ana Art Walk this past weekend.  It was a lot of fun and it was nice to get away from all the housewifery that I’ll post about later.  Overall, it was a good show and I would do it again.  Hopefully they will lease a larger space in the same building, but downstairs instead of upstairs.  The lady across from me said there were some bands downstairs, which could have been part of the reason some people weren’t coming upstairs.  But, my jewelry was very well received and everyone complimented me on my patience.  Hehehe.  After explaining to them I’m an engineer, they were like, “Oh, that explains it!”.  As much as I love hanging out at the Long Beach shop, this was good to break out of my comfort zone.  Priyanjaili came to hang out with me for most of the show.  She packed some fried rice for both of us (with yummy turkey meatballs from Costco) and a brownie.  She seriously loves my jewelry and she helped me push people to sign up for the newsletter. 😀  Here, she’s modeling my “Emily Gilmore” necklace.

And as my activities adviser in college would do after each event, here’s a breakdown summary of The Good, The Bad, and What to Do Next Time:

Good Stuff:

  • Good foot traffic
  • Great room of artists (well picked for the room!)
  • Got 5 people to sign up for my newsletter
  • Passed out lots of cards
  • Lots of high praise for beautiful jewelry and more patience than the average person 😉
  • I LOVED how I laid out my display of the necklaces.  Turned out PERRRRRRRRRRFECT 😀

Not-So-Good Stuff:

  • Parking, but that’s a First World Problem, especially in Santa Ana
  • Upstairs venue location – they’re hoping to lease a larger, overall space because they rent the room I was in once a month, specifically for the Art Walk
  • Not good at tooting my own horn
  • Need to wear better shoes (I have new flip flops on order already, ha!)

Things to Work on for Next Time:

  • Push the newsletter sign up more
  • Charge iPad sooner or bring charger (but it lasted all night!)
  • Pack a few days before (forgot a mirror)



3 thoughts on “Santa Ana Art Walk ~ Post Show Recap

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  2. Hi Hui, We were so lucky to have you show in our gallery! Jason and I agree about the other amazing artists in the room and we also look forward to a larger space in the near future. Take care and we’ll see you soon I hope!

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