The Dawn, Finally

It’s always “darkest before the dawn”, right?  I think I finally hit my dawn with July being over, work deadlines met, and the art show done and over with.  Last weekend I took Jesse.1 with me to the Pasadena Bead and Design Show.  She had the best time and bought cute things like soap, a collar necklace that looks like a Wonder Woman tiara, and one of those New Mexico-style woven beaded bracelets.  Apparently all the vendors she visited with adored her, so she had even more fun.  Allison’s mom also helped entertained her while Allison and I were blowing through all our favorite vendors.  We got a cute picture with Jesse.1 and my crazy pirate rock lady.  😀

At home, I’ve been settling in and slowly figuring out my new routine.  Jesse hauled all the boxes that need to sorted and filed upstairs, so whenever I’m downstairs, I’m happy because I don’t have to put stuff away.  That is, until I got upstairs and groan over all the boxes everywhere.  But now I have the time and energy to slow down and enjoy the process.  I’ve been brutally purging my closet, simply because my style has changed, my body has changed, and it’s just time to go.  I even declared “no more furniture”.  I like the emptiness of the house without a lot of clutter and furniture.  I can breathe and I want to keep it that way.

I’m enjoying my Tower of Hui Hui.  I posted Larry the Dragon and Snoopy to guard the entrance.  Hehehehe.  During the day, there’s a nice, cool breeze that blows through the room and cools everything off.  I love all the natural light that streams though the 3 windows.  It’s beautiful and serene, mostly because I’m up there while Hui.1 is still asleep.  I’ve had stuff on the floor he’d love to chew on, so he doesn’t go up there often.  Also, we’re getting baby gates made for all the staircases (as insisted by my dad) so no playing up there until I know everything is secure.  I still need to bring home my He-Man posters from Mom and Dad’s so I can figure out where to hang them.  There may be an issue if we’re putting the TV on the big wall, next to the storage cabinet, but we’ll see.


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