My dad’s handyman is installing baby gates for us since we have two sets of staircases. They make me happier than I thought because I cannot trip over them and they’re made from old doors that are heavier than my front door. He has to come back to install the Tower of Hui Hui gates and then he’ll take all of them for sanding and final painting. It’s nice not needing to worry about falling down the stairs with the baby because I tripped over the plastic storage boxes I’m using to block the stairs.

Here are all the fun things I learned about myself lately:

1) I should never skip yoga.

I try not to skip, but there are days when I tell myself I’m hungry or tired or [insert excuse here]. Then I’m extra grumpy because I didn’t go and Jesse also agrees that I should have gone to yoga. I really love my yoga studio too, so I really don’t have a legitimate excuse. I stocked up on power snacks (nuts and granola bars) from Trader Joe’s, so I really don’t have an excuse.

Kundalini yoga nurtures the spiritual side I’ve been neglecting as well. I love the chanting and what all of the intentions of the exercises are. It’s fun and the instructor, who is also the studio owner, is really funny when she’s trying not to be too hippie in her explanations of the universe and metaphysical energy. Yoga has also been helping my postpartum health because my butt (well, sacrum) doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. While I’m still not a fan of lying on my back, it seriously doesn’t hurt as much. I need to keep going.

I went last night and stopped at the local farmer’s market on my way home. I got whole wheat bread, a giant heirloom tomato, hummus, whole wheat pita bread, and strawberries. Oh! And some really yummy bundt cakes. It was a nice stop before going back to reality. The strawberries are really the best from there too. The first time I stopped there, I got a waffle sandwich but I already made dinner before I left or else I would have gotten the veggie sandwich with fresh heirloom tomato, mozzarella cheese, pesto spread, leafy greens, and a balsamic reduction sauce. Holy crap it’s so good. But I was good and even didn’t get French fries. 😉

2) Organized clutter is better than heaps of clutter.

The Tower of Hui Hui is a nightmare. There, I said it.

Jesse thought it would be a great idea to shove everything up there so the downstairs area looks nice and presentable. But it’s been seriously hampering any creative process I could have. So I look for excuses to be frustrated with the room because it’s supposed to be my sacred space to unwind and dream all those big dreams I’m supposed to be putting into fruition but I’m beyond annoyed. As soon as I saw the EPIC PILE OF DOOM I kept thinking my sacred space has been defiled. As much as that scene from the last Harry Potter movie when Harry is taking to the Ravenclaw(?) founder’s daughter’s spirit.


Last week I spent more time up there and decided to take back the futon. So I dragged the mattress upstairs from Jesse.1’s room and nestled it back where it belongs. Then I busted out my fluffy oversized white Shabby Chic pillows to make it more cozy. I put away all the jewelry I had out from my show, but last weekend I went digging for something and made a mess again. I really need to put the pieces I’m keeping into the jewelry armoire. Baby steps, baby steps.

First thing is getting everything off the floor. I don’t like stuff on the floor because it hurts when I kick it and stub my toes on it. Then Jesse’s utilitarianism doesn’t help either.

3) I enjoy bucking the status quo

I’ve always been one to do my own thing, regardless of the people around me. I have no idea how I managed to be a people-pleaser at the same time during my younger years, but I still stuck to my guns. Some friends were talking about how they’re lactose-intolerant, while a friend’s husband and I high-fived each other for drinking whole milk. Once I got married and moved out, I realized as I was grocery shopping that I could buy whole milk because I’m the only one besides Jesse.1 who drinks milk. Well, she did have a stint of not drinking it because she’s used to 2% but she jumped off that horse this year. It’s safe to say that one of the top 5 adult decisions I made was drinking whole milk.

I never took parenting classes, read any books (I skimmed them), nor did I take a birthing class. Come on, parenting is seriously flying by the seat of your pants because each kid is different and you can’t practice having a baby. It just doesn’t work that way. And having a husband who kind of knows what he’s doing helped a lot too. 😉

And what have I learned from all of this? Stay true to yourself, constantly clean/tidy, take some time for yourself, and enjoy being able to drink milk of all kinds. With everything in equilibrium, the creativity flows, jewelry gets made, and life is good. Even the husband and kids are happy, and that’s also just as important. 😀


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