Renewing the Spirit

According to, Sundays are for renewing your spirit.  I decided we needed to stay home today, so I took advantage of having Jesse home to watch the baby while I got some work done, as well as some laundry and other miscellaneous stuff around the house.  It was surprisingly calming, which was such a welcome change to the chaotic mess our weekends have become ever since summer started and once we got the house.  I’ve been re-visiting FlyLady to help me manage the daily chores around the house so I have everything under control.  I get easily overwhelmed by too much mess and then I shut down until I have the motivation to start back up again.  Jesse helps out more during the weekends, but we’ve managed to get the dishwasher running as soon as it’s full so we don’t have a stack of dishes piling up in the sink.  Baby steps and sometimes you really need to take it one day at a time.

Once my brain started drying out, I declared we needed to go out.  I brushed out my hair so I would look presentable and even test drove a new necklace design.  We went to Target then tried out a Thai place that was pretty good.  Jesse wasn’t sure about the coconut soup because it was creamier than he’s used to.  The yellow curry was perfect with just the right amount of spice to it so I was content.  Baby decided he only wanted to eat rice after scarfing down a veggie roll that turned out to be a tad bit spicy.  After that, he was very wary of everything but the rice.

I have been very productive between the jewelry, housewifery, day job, and everything else on my plate.  I need to collude with Allison about projects we’ve been scheming about.  Hopefully soon.  As busy as I am, I wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s boring.  I like knowing that I have an interesting life and never truly stagnant.  I just need to stay home and rest more. 😉


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