A Room Above the World

As the weather calms down, my studio becomes comfortable to inhabit again, without sticking to the furniture. Let me tell you, after the heat wave that smacked us the week before and after Labor Day weekend, it’s been a beautiful reprieve. There’s been a wonderful cross breeze blowing through. We also had Jesse’s family over that weekend, which was more motivation for me to unpack most of the stuff that’s still up there. I’m better at tackling small projects instead of larger ones, so scurry cleaning is easier for my brain not to freak out over the big picture. Jesse is good at taking the mess and relocating it to a designated area for putting away later. We make a good team. 🙂

Still need to get the hanging wire for my epic He-Man poster, but I have most of the stuff I want hung on the walls already. I’ve been waking up hungry and/or cold at 4:30am lately and sometimes I sneak up there to work on stuff since I’m busy during the day. But the gates on both ends of the stairs are installed and Hui.1 can only access the stairs if I leave the bottom gate open (oops) or if we’re playing and I let him go up there. He loves climbing stairs. Going down is still tricky because he doesn’t know how to turn around and start feet first. So the weather and the gates leave me no excuse not to go up there. 😉

After writing about the Emily Gilmore necklace and last week’s chaining fest (see bracelet above), I’ve realized how much I’ve actually missed making chains. Sometimes I get too caught up in the moment, surrounding myself with nothing but stones, stones, and more stones. Sometimes glass, too. Gotta love those handmade glass beads and Swarovski crystal. 😉 Eh, my style is tied together, but there are a lot of facets to it. Allison has been doing an awesome job helping me realize that, as well as streamlining and tying everything together. I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been cooking!


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