1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Sometimes you have to take a step back to remember who you are.  I’ve been running at 110% for most of the summer and this past week has been quite rejuvenating.  Jesse’s been gone for a business trip so I’ve had the freedom to stay up late, wake up on my own, and basically only cater to the baby’s needs and my own.  I watched some Netflix, caught up on Days of Our Lives, did housework… all the stuff that I’ve been halfheartedly doing because I’ve been “busy”.  Where did the summer go?  My baby is already 13 months old!  Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses.

My jewelry foundation is chainmaille, but the other stuff that I do is “Chainmaille with a Hui Twist”.  It’s more than just mixed metal chainmaille.  It’s the adornment of the chainmaille with stones, Swarovski crystals, and artisan glass beads.  It’s how I marry the left and right brains together to create my own unique style.  For me, chainmaille is the equivalent of my left brain, the engineer.  The beads are the right brain representing the artist.  I’ve successfully married them together to create what truly is my signature style.  I’ve been struggling lately because I lost sight of that, getting too far caught up in the business side of things.  But last night was an “EUREKA” moment and everything started flowing again.  When there’s static, it’s hard to find your voice.  That’s why there are antennas to help clear the signal.  That’s what I’ve done this week and I’m ready to get back in the saddle and ride off towards the next adventure.  Are you ready?


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