Here, There, Little Hui Hui’s Everywhere

I’ve been thinking about statement necklaces lately.  You know, that single necklace that’s a show stopper so you don’t need matching earrings to go with it.  Just a simple pair of studs if you’re ears are pierced, and you’re off to take over the world.  As a designer, statement necklaces are not easy to come by.  It takes a lot of right brain work to get everything right.  But I am very proud of the statement necklaces I do create.

My best statement necklaces include beads from my favorite glass maker, a fellow engineer like myself.  I get to see her twice a year and it’s so fun to quickly catch up and jump up and down like giddy little schoolgirls.  The necklace pictured above doesn’t have any chainmaille bits in it, but I like to think that the brand I’m creating isn’t just about chainmaille, regardless of its prominence in my designs.  My style ranges from strong, clean lines of intricately woven chainmaille to the whimsical fantasy of woodlands and wild flowers represented by these wonderfully designed glass beads.  It is both, “Jewelry you’ve been dreaming of” and “strong, beautiful, and sometimes whimsical”.  It’s like how I can switch between my staple California chic and Victorian goth in a single wardrobe change and some skillfully applied makeup.

Maybe it’s me being a schizophrenic artist with too many interests and mediums at my disposal, or just the way the artist is manifesting both sides of my style; both of which are strong and beautiful in their own respective ways.  Honestly, the real challenge is representing the many facets of the Hui Hui Designs brand without looking schizophrenic.

Challenge accepted.


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