As I dive deeper into my psyche, I’ve been posed with the question of “how do I want the world to see me as an artist?”.  My motto is “If art is a window into the soul, then my jewelry says, ‘I am strong, beautiful, and sometimes whimsical.'”  The next question is how do you properly achieve that motto within a  single photo?

I thought about Sashi’s “Spirit of the Dance” workshop I took in 2010.  One of the exercises she had us practice was choosing an emotion we wanted to evoke and having a partner watch us to see if we achieved it throughout our little combo.  If I apply that theory to my photo quandary, then I need to choose the proper mix of jewelry, clothing, and mindset in order to do just that.

Strength is in the chainmaille.  Evoking strength = high fashion?  Confidence?

Beauty is in the metal and design.  Evoking beauty = ____?  Beauty is something that comes from within… but how to portray that?

Whimsical is in the beads and adornments.  Evoking whimsical = a coy smirk?

But what to wear?  Something comfortable, stylish, and ME.  Hmm.

Well, here is the face of Hui Hui Designs:

I donned my most whimsical statement necklace, as well as my favorite cardigan from XCVI.  The rest, well, it takes a small army to achieve this much awesomeness.  Allison introduced me to some of her artist friends and the rest is history.  Wendy of D. M. Gremlin Photography is such a talented photographer, I’m so glad I finally took the plunge to get a headshot and some jewelry professionally photographed.  This is just a teaser of what’s yet to come.  Believe me, it’s going to be epic.  Not quite Game of Thrones epic, but something close.  Stay tuned!


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